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Recent Graduates Tesimonials
Your teachings have instilled and are continuously instilling a passion for music within me. Apart from your mastery of a variety of compositions within Shastriya Sangeet, Nazrul Sangeet, and Filmi Sangeet, above all you are a loving human being. My goal is to make you and my family proud of me as a musician and as a human being.
Jai Saraswati Mata!
Rahul Aggarwal

Hi Guruji!
Sorry i havent been able to reply to you i’ve been caught up with moving into my UNT dorm. I have recieved the pictures though and i must say that they are extremely professional and this just shows me how much of a talented Guruji i had. I will always remember that one of the few things i looked forward to on Sundays were your classes which not only taught me to become a better singer but also a better person as a whole. Your lessons and teachings have touched my heart for these past 10 years and they will continue remain there for the rest of my life. I know that i will miss my parents as I start a new path in my life but i will also miss you who have been like a second parent teaching me so much about life through singing and teaching me how to stay youthful and beautiful at heart. Guruji thanks you for teaching me such amazing and wonderful lessons as i matured in the earlier stages of my life.
Loved Forever,
Prateek Sharma

P.S. I will return as often and as soon as I can Guruji to visit and hopefully keep my voice intact. I have been practicing my riyaaz like you have suggested and although that has given me relief from not taking your lesson i will always miss the mountains of fun that i had with you and the knowledge i gained from you in class.

Thank you for all that you have taught me and thank you for working with me so patiently. I truly appreciate that. You have helped improve the quality of my voice with insisting on continuous riyaaz of sargams, raags, and songs. I will surely miss this class that provided me a stress-free haven. I will definitely never let go of music.
Thank you,
Nasreen Arastu

Dear Guruji,
Thanks much for introducing me to the world of Hindustani Classical, Rabindra and Nazrul Sangeet. With your extensive knoweldge and practice you helped me in exploring the finer nuances of classical music...helped me experience the blissful and soothing world of music. The best part I guess was your teaching method, very friendly chat and your extreme attention to the taal and sur. Sincerely appreciate the dedication, devotion and compassion with which you share your knowelege and teach. I am sure to miss those early morning saturday classes....but I am sure there will be one more music enthusiast who will fill that space...

But thanks again so much.
warm regards
Prasad Kulkarni
It is a privilege writing a testimonial for Mohammed Shaheen, we call him Guruji. I met Guruji about 3/12 years ago as my music teacher. I was quickly impressed by Guruji’s command on eastern music.  He is a very good singer himself and his skills on various musical instruments including Tabla, Sitar, Piano, Harmonium etc, is simply unmatched. He is a wonderful performer on stage and is equally good with classical and fast songs.

He is a wonderful human being. Other than music there are so many other things I have learned from him including a very simple and practical approach towards life. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is always fun being with him.
He has won various musical awards from different sources in his life. As a music teacher he is my role model and I am striving hard to come close to his skill levels.

In short Guruji is one of the best music teachers I ever had and one of a most wonderful person I ever met.
Thanks Guruji for everything you have done for me in past and present.
Furqan Moin.

Dear Guruji,
Everyday I tell God thank you for giving me parents that are so determined to teach us music. I also tell God thank you for gifting me a very multi-talented, determined, courageous, and a hard working Guruji.

In my life I have learned that hard work is the only key to success, and you are the key that gives me so much courage. Thank you so much for being another form of God!. I will never forget what you as a great Guruji and my parents have done to give me a better future in the field of music!. Please keep giving me your aashirwad Guruji so I can move on in life and become a great person.
Bhakti Patel

Comments from Students/Parents and Others

You have a great voice, it is God’s gift to you. You should practice singing on a regular basis. Your students also did a good job on stage. I was very surprise to see their performance.
Manna Dey (Legend singer of India)

Great voice, fantastic job! You have lot of talent. I am totally impressed with your performance on stage.
Ghulam Ali (Great ghazal maestro of Pakistan)

I am very proud of you that you are teaching classical music to students in the Dallas-Ft Worth are. This area is very lucky to have a qualified teacher like you.
Anup Jalata (Great ghazal/bhajon singer of India)

You are an excellent singer. I was impressed to see your music school pictures and albums. You are doing a great job in promoting our music/culture in USA.         
Lata Mangeshkar (Legend singer of India)

I really enjoyed your vocal performance both in Bengali and Hindi at the Atlanta Concert. Keep up the good work.
Jagjit Singh (Great ghazal maestro of India)

We are extremely fortunate to have you in our community. I wish you all the best and good luck in promoting our music to people in the South Asian Country.
Dilip Patel (Community Leader)

I want to invite you to join us in our south Asian radio program, Jhankar and talk to our listeners about your music school. This will give a lot of knowledge to our community people about classical music.
Syed Abu Talib (Community Leader)

You are promoting North Indian Classical Music among our young generation students by teaching. This will help our young generation keep up with our tradition and culture.
M. Rahman (Community Leader)

Guruji, we were very happy with the training that Ravi got in classical music at your school. Apart from getting an excellent music education, he regained his self confidence and ability to accomplish things.
Amar and Shilpa (Parents)

Thanks for the wonderful training I received from you. It was my dream to learn classical music and now I have achieved it.
Keenaj (Student)

Guruji, thanks a lot for your video lessons and in-house training. I had a great time being your student. I only had to drive once a month from Tulsa, because for my other lesson you always gave me video recorded version. After I went home, I could rewind and fast forward that tape and practice my lesson.
Amit (Student, Tulsa, Oaklahoma)

Guruji, I came all the way from Shreveport and I really appreciate you giving me one to one session. I learned a lot from you and now I feel very comfortable in several aspects of Indian classical music.
Saathi (Student, Shrevveport, Louisiana)

I went to two other teachers before I came to you. Your teaching is very easy to grasp. I learned a lot from you in six months compared to what I learned from my previous teachers.
Tahseen (Student)

I never thought that I would be able to learn vocal music at this old age. I am so grateful to you for all the harmonium lessons. I am sure any body in any age should be able to learn music easily from you with your magical techniques. Thanks a lot and God bless you.
Sam Cherian (Student)

Mr. Mohammed, my daughter and I have been your students for the last seven years, but your teaching skills are so good that we want to keep on continuing taking music lessons as long as you are teaching. Thanks.
Niranjana (Student)

I took music lessons from you for one and half years and I was almost in tears when I had to move out of Dallas. I looked for several music teachers in the Washington D.C. area but was not happy with anyone. I wish I could move back to Dallas and take lessons from you again.
Chitra (Student)

It was my dream to learn Indian music since I was seven years old but never had the opputunity until I moved to Dallas. I really enjoyed taking lessons from you and learned a lot. I wish I had a teacher like you in my childhood.
Jairaj (Student)

Sargam’s program is completely different from other schools. We know our son is learning music with you Guruji, that he understands the subject very well. You are the best Guruji. Thanks for giving your time to music lovers.
Prakash and Jayanthi (Parents)

I was very satisfied with Masterji’s way and methods of teaching me Indian classical music, geet and ghazals. His patience and friendly attitude really count to learn quickly. Wish him the very best.
Shantanu (Student)

My daughter started learning music from Teacherji since she was seven years old and doing really good. He is a wonderful teacher and gives complete details and full attention to his students. We are lucky to have him in our community.
Ameena and Riaz (Parents)

Guruji, thank you for being my teacher. I used to only know 3 songs, but now, I can play a lot. I know that if you are my teacher, I can turn from a guy that can barely sing to a guy that is a singing master.
Neil Patel (Student)

Masterji, it is fun learning music from you! You are a wonderful and fun music teacher. Thank you for teaching me music.
You are great!
Raul (Student)

You have help me a lot in music for vocal and tabla class. Even when I fail with the lesson, you never get mad. You are always happy and friendly. I always will continue music with you as long as I can. You're the best teacher I ever had outside of school. Thank for all the help.
Shagoon Gandhi

Dear Guruji,
Learning music has been a wonderful exprience. When I started learning music I had no knowledge of this beautiful invention god has created. Guruji has made these years enjoyable by encouraging us and helping us gain knowledge of this art. I am proud to say I am guruji's student at Sargam School. Also I am honored to be a graduate student of Sargam School.
Janaki Patel

It has been an honor learning indian classical music. It is one my favorite hobby, and a great experience. I love learning from Guruji because he is nice,cool, and encouraging Guruji that will keep motovating me. The only nice Guruji you can find is my cool Guruji.
Thank You Guruji!

This year with guruji was just simply exhilarating. I learned so much with him and still wish to learn even more. With being my guruji, he has become a very close friend as well, even when things got difficult, he smiled and said to practice harder and try again which really boosted my confidence.
Thanks Guruji,
Krunaal Rama

Your teaching style is mind-blowing and amazing. If I was learning classical music with anyone other guruji, I don't think I would have continued. I have learned a lot and don't think I would be quitting anytime soon. My family is very proud of my progress and how I have improved. I feel proud of how my voice has gotten tuned and how much I have learned.
Thanks for everything,

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