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We are very professional and serious about our method of teaching, discipline and rules and regulations in order to offer you a very quality type of music lesson. Please help us with your support and respect to continue our musical journey to be smooth and successful together. Please carefully read this FAQ document and if you have any questions, concerns and/or suggestions, please let us know. Thank you.

Q 1. What is the minimum age requirement for children to learn vocal music?

Ans: Children should be at least 6 years of age. But sometimes under 6 years old can be enrolled in the class if he or she is more aggressive and mentally mature. In that
case, bring your child in for an assessment with the teacher before taking lessons.

Q 2. How are my classes scheduled?
Ans: Our classes are scheduled in sessions, with each session consisting of three 45 minute long, one-on-one private lessons.

Q 3. How big is the class?
Ans: Again, the Sargam School of Indian Music provides one-on-one private lessons, but in specials cases, group classes can be offered if the group members come together, with a maximum of three students per group to give individual attention to each student. Also, extended time and discounts in fees are given in group lessons.

Q 4. How is payment made?
Ans: Fees should be paid at the fi rst class of each session. A late fee will be charged for each session if the payment is not received by the due date. If you decide to take a break (more than 4 weeks) there is a re-registration fee. There is also no guarantee that your spot will be kept empty unless you pay 60% of your fees in advance to hold your spot.

Q 5. If I miss a class, can I reschedule to make up for the missed class?
Ans: Without at least a 24 hours notice before class time, classes cannot be rescheduled. If a class needs to be rescheduled, the class needs to be made up sometime before the next scheduled class.

Q 6. If I am late to class, can I stay a little extra longer?
Ans: There is no room to stay a little extra longer. There is only a 15 minute gap in between students. Neither teacher or student feels comfortable when they come to their class and another student is present. So please come on time and leave on time to get the maximum benefi ts out of your class.

Q 7. Can I sit in the class with my child during the class?
Ans: Parents are not allowed to sit in the class during their child’s class session. However they can schedule a time with the teacher or call to discuss the progress and goals of their children. PARENTS ARE REQUESTED TO DROP THEIR CHILDREN OFF JUST IN TIME FOR THEIR CLASS AND PICK THEM UP IMMEDIATELY AFTER THEIR CLASS.
As for adults, they are not allowed to bring their spouse, children, relatives or friends to the class.

Q 8. I have no music background but I am very interested to learn, can I join your school?
Ans: Of course! We teach vocal, harmonium, tabla and keyboard for beginners.

Q 9. When will I be ready to give a concert in front of an audience?
Ans: The teacher will evaluate your skills first. When you have the required skills the teacher will give additional coaching to prepare you for the concert. The student should be willing to take extra classes to prepare. All rehearsals and practice sessions with the teacher will be treated as a class.

Q 10. Is there a curriculum/syllabus outlined by the school?
Ans: Yes, there is a curriculum outlined by the school which will also be explained to you on the first day of class.

Q 11. Do you issue certificates of completion?
Ans: Yes, a professional certificate is given after completion of the course.

Q 12. How long do I have to learn to complete the course?
Ans: It depends on how regularly students take their lessons and how well they practice. Usually, it takes about 12 sessions (more or less) to complete the course.

Q 13. Can students request to learn music of their own choice?
Ans: Yes, students can learn music of their choice after a certain level of skill is reached.

Q 14. Can we record the class sessions?
Ans: Yes, you can tape (audio recording only!) the sessions for an additional fee. A fee is charged per session to record the class. This does not include tapes or tape recorder.

Q 15. How long do I require to practice everyday?
Ans. It all depends on the level of your performance. If you are a beginner then 30 minutes practicing per day should be enough. If you are an advanced student then you may have to practice more to really feel the touch.

Note: For younger students, please make sure all restroom necessities are completed before class. Class time should not be used for bathroom breaks, unless it is an emergency.

If you would like further details or have any additional questions, please feel free to call the Sargam School of Indian Music @ (972) 633-0299 or 972-743-9083

“Without music, life is a journey through a desert”
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