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Golden opportunity of learning vocal/instrumental music from a
professional, qualified and friendly teacher in north texas!
Lessons are very easy to grasp and apply modern technique to learn with in a short time and success is guaranteed

List of Offerings:
Vocal, Harmonium, Tabla and Keyboard lessons for
Children and Adults from beginners to advanced level.
• Classical Vocal: North Indian (Hindustani)
• Light Vocal: Geets: Ghazals, Devotional, Modern, Folk & Film Songs
• Instrumental: Harmonium, Tabla, Keyboard & Piano Accordion
* Private lessons (one-on-one)
* Group lesson (max four persons in a group)
* Once a week (three classes per month as a sessions)
* 30-45 minutes long for private and 45-60 minutes for group lessons.
* Very reasonable fee with group discount

Please call for availability and more information

Sargam School of Music believe in authentic and quality education. We want to make sure our students not only excel in what they do. We also provide a professional certificate after finishing each level of course. Here is an outline of different courses offered by us.

Prarambhik - Length of course ( 1 year)
Praveshika - Length of course ( 2 year)
Visharad - Length of course ( 6 year)
Skype Lessons: If you have a computer and a video camera (web cam) download Skype for free and set up an online lesson with us. You can benefit from our Music Lessons via Skype from the comfort and convenience of
your home in the United States, Canada, Europe, Panama City or anywhere in the world. Contact for further details and pricing....
(Over 20yrs of experience in teaching music)
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